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Product & installation service

Growing requirements:  

Ecoturf & Arblick varieties require full sun (minimum of six hours per day) & well-drained soil.  We have experimented with & observed that the best results of moving Ecoturf sod are during the months of April through September in the central & northern parts of the Florida.  Since it is slow-growing (see below), we believe that it has the best chance of  not only survival, but prosperous & thriving the following season, if transferred at least three months prior to a frost (if applicable) in its new home.


1. Slow-growing - By nature of the plant's DNA, it is a slow growing plant. This characteristic is a major selling factor because the mowing maintenance is drastically reduced after establishment.  However, during establishment, the DNA has not changed; it is still slow growing. Give it up to 90 days to establish.

2. Nitrogen-producing - Customers can drastically reduce their fertilizer inputs because perennial peanut produces its own nitrogen.  However, any weed seeds or grasses in the soil will be fertilized as well.  To avoid a "turf war", eliminate all previous vegetation, roots, sprigs, & seeds prior to installation.  Weed control will be critical prior to & during establishment, possibly even up to two growing seasons.  After that time period, it requires very little, if any, fertilizer & weed control attention.  Review annually.

3.  Drought tolerant - With all the water restrictions imposed around the state of Florida, this characteristic is the most attractive.  The sod needs water daily for the first 90 days; after that rainfall is usually sufficient.

4.  Densely woven root system - This is important for two reasons:  frost & high traffic.  This hardy root system will produce foliage again after frost & after times of high traffic.

Details of Sod:  

We specialize & sell the product in the form of rolled sod.  Each roll is 200 sf & weighs approximately 2,000 lbs. (equipment is necessary to unload, maneuver, & install sod).  The dimension of the unrolled sod is 30" x 80'.  We can deliver (minimum 1,200 sf) or you can pick it up at our farm located in McAlpin, FL  32062.  Call for current pricing on freight.  The sod is priced on a sliding scale dependent on volume purchased per job. It is recommended to order 5-10% sf extra material.  When installing, please note that the woven root system does not "stretch" without falling apart.  Establishment time is increased if pulled apart.

Installation Service:  

We can provide this service for you.  Minimum requirements apply.  Please call for pricing & availability.

Ecoturf - closeup

Strapped down, ready for delivery
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